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something that doesn't bother you. The fact that it would bother me isn't meant to have any bearing on your relationship; I was just concerned for you and the effect remarks like that could have over time for someone who felt differently (water wearing away at a rock, is the analogy that comes to mind). Glad to hear that there is nothing to be concerned about; I tend to worry about everybody!

All best wishes,

by SA on 2005 May 7 - 23:37 | reply to this comment
I was thinking over how I felt last week when this happened, and what made me feel contrite was what my husband said to me while he was walloping me with the steel ruler "I was worried about you" he said. Ouch. That hurt worse than the ruler (which was agonising), worse than the 500 whacks I got later that night. What made me feel contrite was realising that all the time I was strolling round Hampton Court he was sitting at home worrying about me. That really smarted.

by Louise C on 2005 May 11 - 22:19 | reply to this comment
Bloody hell! Not with that steel ruler, I hope! Or perhaps your hubby is the steel ruler. Phew!

by Carl on 2005 May 13 - 23:50 | reply to this comment
Bloody hell!
Yes, that was more or less my own reaction when he told me "Tonight you're going to get 500, and you've got six hours to think about that" "Will you be able to do 500?" I asked, appalled but also intrigued, because he's been known to complain that his arm aches after doing less than half that number (100-200 being the average length). "I'll take a flask of tea with me to keep me going" he replied, ever-resourceful.

No, they weren't with the steel ruler, he can be ruthless, but not that ruthless. Actually, to be strictly accurate it was 515, 250 with the leather paddle, 250 with the wooden paddle, plus the obligatory 10 extra-hard to finish off with. When he'd done the first 5 of the last bit he said I was wriggling too much so he went back to the beginning and started again "If you were really obedient you'd keep still when I told you to" he remarked. "That's easy for you to say, you're not on th receiving end" I replied. He managed to get through it without the tea though, which I thought was pretty impressive.

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